Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TERRA LOGICS - TOUGHNOTE LAPTOP Our new Toughnote Series M ruggedised laptop is the latest addition to our range of military grade rugged laptops built to perform in the most extreme of environmental conditions.
Featuring new Dothan Pentium M 1.6 GHz processors, advanced featureset and now up to 2 GB fast DDR RAM we now deliver even higher levels of market leading performance in the rugged computing field.
A range of multimedia modules and wired and wireless connectivity options are available. These enable maximum performance and efficiency wherever in the world your work takes you.
Our in-house design capabilities give you the option of an unrivalled level of customisation so the Toughnote can exactly meet your requirements.
With the ability to add an extra hot-swappable battery you can run the Toughnote laptops for over six hours non-stop
The Toughnote Series has been engineered from the outset to be the most rugged in its field. Each major component within the notebook is ruggedised from the inside out allowing for operation in the harshest environments.
Rubber corners and rubber covers for each port stop dust and water from damage.
The modular design of the Toughnote Series of laptops is quite unique. The sealed Flexi and hard drive bays prevent water/dust ingress into the machine core thereby maintaining the integrity of the motherboard.
The shock-mounted, waterproof 2.5" hard disk is removable which makes swapping data between machines and upgrading to a higher capacity HDD easy.
The Flexi-bay can hold either a secondary battery, DVD/CD RW, DVD-RW, CD-ROM or the FDD. All of these are removable and swappable.
Trust me, once you try this machine, you will never go conventional again. Go ahead , drop it. Posted by Picasa

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