Saturday, July 23, 2005

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


THE ULTIMATE LAPTOP BAG - SLIM CARGO, GO TO WWW.ACMEMADE.COM, The "Cargo" is the latest addition to our Slim line of protective computer cases. Like the Slim and the Designer Slim, the Slim Cargo takes advantage of imported designer textiles, our unique, quilted satin "tuxedo" lining, closed cell foam padding on all sides, and a detachable shoulder strap (included).
In order to provide for functionality and storage, the Cargo possesses a large outer cargo pocket that is roomy enough to carry most additional accessories and we've lined it in our own "cashmere-finish" micro-suede lining.

Some of the benefits and features of the Slim Brief include:
Large outer "Cargo" pocket
Multiple internal accessory pockets
Removable shoulder strap (included)
YKK nylon zipper
Closed cell foam padding on 5/6 sides
Hi-impact plastic inserts on 5/6 sides
Top grain, genuine leather handles
Quilted satin computer case lining
1 year warranty
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Monday, July 18, 2005



This is a fabulous keyboard, and looks great too.

i. World's Coolest Keyboard
ii. Patented uniquely grouped alphabetical layout
iii. Enable touch typing in one hour (instructions provided, with access to online tutor)
iv. Flexible V-shape in the premium model reduces fatique in fingers and wrists
v. Most common keys in homerow - doubles typing speed
vi. USB input with 2-port hub: plug and type convenience that's compatible with both PCs and Mac
vii. Multi-media and and internet keys, and easy to reach common function keys
viii. Size of premium model: 50cm X 25cm X 4 cm
ix. 119 keys

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


THE MOTOROLA RAZR Posted by Picasa

Mobile styling has been a strong point with Motorola, this fact is further strengthened by the launch of the new Motorola RAZR Black which boasts of a high style factor. Motorola RAZR Black comes after the launch of Motorola RAZR. This time the launch is in partnership with Cingular Wireless. Motorola RAZR Black is developed with aircraft-grade aluminum, magnesium and nickel-plated copper alloy metals which make up the phone’s sleek look. Other features in Motorola RAZR Black are video playback and integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, along with VGA camera. Overall Motorola RAZR Black is a good match for the high end MEdia services offered by Cingular. Cingular has bundled a number of features onto a fixed plan which includes test, multi-media messaging as well as MEdia Net. The package is offered with a reasonable cost considering what the original RAZR V3 sold for. So when can you lay your hands on this sleek and desirable mobile phone? Retailing starts today and you can get it right away in a 2 year contract. Some new personalization features being offered by Cingular is engraving on the back of the phone for a mere $19.99. Phone price? $199.99. Coming soon: The Motorola RAZR Silver…Keep watching this space.
Oakland , California : A City directly in the middle of The High Tech Gold Mine and The Oakland International Airport is the easiest airport to access in the Bay Areas Economic Traingle - SFO - OAK - SJC. Oakland is where everything will be in the future. More notably High Tech and Real Estate go hand in hand in this wonderful city. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

PIXAR - The most prolific Movie Studio of our time, 2D and 3D Graphics. The creators of Toy Story - Toy StoryII - Monsters Inc - Bugs Life and of late The Incredibles. This place is Fabulous and it is directly in THE HOOD, right along SAn Pablo Avenue at the Emeryville and Oakland broders. Ok my people from THE HOOD, get into Pixar and show them what we can do, or better yet. Create your own, the technology is all around us. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 08, 2005

Tony Blair - All of our Thoughts and Prayers are with you from The Hood. Stay Strong. Posted by Picasa
OK Ladies - it is here the Ynot Camisole, located at Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005



THE STAR WARS PC - FROM ALIENWARE,PLEASE GO TO WWW.ALIENWARE.COM-Aurora: Star Wars Edition Technology & Innovation

Processor Technology The most critical aspect of any application is raw processing power. Alienware Aurora systems feature high-performance AMD processors to deliver the performance demands of both current and next generation leading-edge applications. Designed specifically for those who know their technology and crave the ultimate in performance, Alienware systems deliver the power and speed necessary for applications such as streaming audio and video, image processing, content creation, speech recognition, 3D gaming, Computer Assisted Design, multimedia, and multitasking.

Dual Channel Memory Technology Alienware high performance systems feature the highest performing memory architecture available. Providing twice the data throughput of typical memory subsystem designs, dual channel DDR dishes up extreme performance for memory-intensive applications such as advanced 3D graphics PC games, professional 3D modeling, high-resolution video editing and playback - all in addition to many other multi application and multi tasking operations.

64-Bit Technology Select Alienware systems feature AMD64 processing technology. This breakthrough technology provides new computing experiences and capabilities and provides increased performance over current 32-bit technology. Systems featuring AMD64 technology offer leading-edge performance in current 32-bit environments and are enabled for a seamless transition to the 64-bit computing environments of future software applications.

HyperTransport Technology Available in select Alienware systems, HyperTransport technology is a new data transfer protocol designed to increase communication speeds between integrated circuits in computers by up to forty-eight times. HyperTransport technology reduces the number of necessary data paths in a system to minimize previous performance bottlenecks. This in turn maximizes system power and speed to enable the highest possible levels of performance.

Serial ATA Technology The future of hard drive performance is here! Serial ATA facilitates high-speed storage transfers with up to a fifty percent increase in data throughput over previous technology. In RAID 0 configurations, Serial ATA-150 hard disk drive performance is further enhanced to a theoretical maximum throughput of up to three-hundred Megabytes per second, up to three times the throughput of previous generation disk drives in non-RAID configurations.

Gigabit Ethernet Technology Alienware systems feature gigabit Ethernet - the new standard in high performance networking. Gigabit Ethernet provides up to ten times the performance of previous Ethernet technology enabling the highest possible network performance. Stream digital audio and video over your wired home network, diminish response times in multiplayer games, and transfer vast amounts of data between computers with astonishing speed.

AlienIce� Alienware's designs have been described as exotic, even radical. But the driving force within this company is performance with visual creativity. We utilize the latest technology and apply an aesthetic twist. Take the AlienIce lighted cooling solution, for example. Mixing function and style, AlienIce channels cool air to critical system components to keep them running at peak performance, and features a hypnotic "bioluminescence" that radiates from each system intake. Available in a choice of colors: Astral Blue, Terra Green, or Fusion Red.

BIOS Also known as the Basic Input Output System, proper configuration of a system BIOS is crucial - it can mean the difference between outstanding performance and stability.. and critical system failure. Alienware systems are integrated with an enhanced BIOS configuration specifically tuned for each individual system and its respective features. A dedicated product development staff continually evaluates updated BIOS configurations in the pursuit of peak system performance and reliability.

Exclusive Alienware Desktop Skins AlienGUIse� Theme Manager, offered with all new Alienware systems or for download, allows you to transform the entire appearance of your Microsoft� Windows� operating system with a single click, including icons, wallpapers, Windows Media Player, and more. Alienware users have the opportunity to display incredible looking Alienware-centered skins like AlienMorph� and ALXMorph�, and also have the chance to download new skins as they become available.
Click here to learn more about AlienGUIse

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005



THE PHAT PHONE - KIMORA LEE SIMMONS IS EVERYWHERE. PLEASE GOTO and shop until you drop. Technology is everywhere and Russell Simmons - Kimoras husband is bring it all to you, just pull both their names up on google. The specs of this phone are as follows:Baby Phat
Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons i833 Phone

Price: U.S. $699.00

Description: Diamond ring has a new meaning thanks to Kimora Lee Simmons. The fashion diva has joined forces with Motorola for the second time to bring you the year's most anticipated fashion accessory - The Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons i833 phone by Motorola. Simmons designed a pink phone similar to last year's popular i95cl, seen carried by many celebrities, but the new i833 is sleeker, sexier, and is laced with REAL diamonds! Whether working on the go or spending a night on the town, you are sure to be noticed and well connected while carrying your new i833. The diamonds and pink quilt patterned surface are just two great characteristics of the Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons i833 phone by Motorola. The new i833 also includes all the latest features: internet microbrowser, messaging services, color screen, MIDI ring tones, games, WAV files, 2-way radio, wallpapers, speakerphone and 600 entry contact list. Your Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons i833 phone by Motorola is more than your average cellular - this exclusive compact phone, dipped in diamonds, is like a piece of jewelry - bold, fun, sexy, and chic.
The Baby Phat phone is FINAL SALE. All returns must be processed through the manufacturers warranty with Motorola. Sorry NO EXCEPTIONS.
Service by Nextel
Made with Real Diamonds
Please note the phone can only be used in the U.S.
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