Monday, April 10, 2006


V-Gear's TalkCam Beauty at CeBIT
Unless your webcam is saving lives, most people are merely content using theirs to communicate with family and friends. But the good lawd knows we can't always get dolled up to video conference: enter the V-Gear's TalkCam Beauty with its "One Button BeautyMode." Never having to cover up a fat zit again had us excited for a second, but then we found out just how V-Gear defines beauty: white, super-white, normal and bronze. We're a little dubious about the effectiveness of V-Gear's tech (or exactly why anyone would want to be super-white), so it might just be smartest to take the $39 V-Gear plans to sell these for and finally go invest in a comb, some shampoo, and some concealer.

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